APEX which relies on PhysX working in Unreal Engine 5

Patch for 5.0.1 (branch #5.0): https://github.com/MarkJGx/UnrealEngine/pull/1

The Preface:

I wanted to see if Unreal 5.0 could use PhysX without too much blood sweat and tears, and it could. This is more of a hacky proof of concept than an actually solid PhysX integration, but it works.

The How?

This isn’t a perfect re-integration of PhysX specifically when it comes to the inclusion of the headers in PhysXIncludes.h. I opted to go for simply and dirty solution of using the relative include paths instead. I am not a fan of this approach and would like to address when I have some more time. I did verify that the PhysX module does indeed specify a valid include directory and that’s where I left it. I also took the liberty of stripping old references to VS2015 in the physics modules (“PhysicsCore”) but I suspect that might have some issues.

Certain collision primitives on SM’s won’t be setup and won’t work. The underlying collision information is there it just isn’t loaded properly, recreating the collision will fix this. This is just something I haven’t gotten around to fixing due to lack of time.